About Us

Since our inception, we have been delivering quality cleaning services to all our clients. Our exceptional cleaning services have made us a prominent company in the cleaning industry. We have crossed many milestones and gained our reputation all because of our resolution to put the customer first and display unwavering professionalism at every turn.

Justmaid encompasses everything good about cleaning. We deliver the highest-quality cleaning service to our clients using skilled professionals who are versatile and adept in handling any household task. This has made it possible for us to provide disparate services like residential cleaning as well as babysitting.

We are here to solve all your cleaning issues. We take up this responsibility gladly, giving you time to focus on better things in your life. We provide the highest-class cleaning service in Dubai, giving you nothing short of unmatched quality service.


Provide cleaning services for everyone by building a better cleaning service focusing on trust and professionalism at affordable rates.


We have resolved ourselves to carry out top-notch cleaning service in residences and commercial spaces across Dubai. Our versatility and perseverance also enable us to take care of your children when you are away. We promise that in everything we do, we demonstrate perfection.


We have been able to rise steadily through the years and bring satisfaction to all our clients because we have held fast to these values:

  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Transparency
  • Commitment
  • Customer First
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